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Terms & Conditions

The following constitutes the Terms & Conditions of this website:

Terms Used

The following terms shall apply throughout the pages listed under 'Legal' in the footer of each page:

Conditions of Engagement

The Supplier will carry out work only where a written agreement is received. Such an agreement may be sent by post or email using the details on the Contact page.

Customers or their representatives must be aged 18 or above and resident of the United Kingdom.

The Supplier takes every endeavour to ensure that The Work is free from errors or defects at the time of acceptance, however we cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred due to errors within the website or its hosting.

All work remains copyright of The Supplier and may not be reproduced without express written permission.

Materials and Content

The Customer agrees to make any specifications, designs and content available to the Supplier at the earliest opportunity in order to permit work to proceed.

The Client warrants that they have permission to use any material supplied by the Client. The Supplier accepts no responsibility for Copyright Infringement claims arising from use of material supplied by the Client.

Work Progress

The Supplier will not be held liable for any delays caused by failure of The Client to supply required materials.

The Supplier reserves the right to halt progress on The Work in order to attend to the needs of other clients.

The Supplier warrants that The Work will be compatible with modern browsers and the hosting package used. The Client agrees to specify any required further compatibility for The Work at the outset.

The Supplier makes no warranties as to the performance of third-party companies retained as part of The Work and accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of failure on their part.

Acceptance and Publishing

The Client agrees to instruct the Supplier to make The Work publically visible once The Client has accepted the work.

The Client agrees that the act of acceptance shall signify that The Work is complete unless otherwise stated.

Price and Billing

All work remains property of The Supplier until paid for in full.

The customer agrees to pay within 30 days of the date of issue of the Supplier's invoice.

The agreed price includes fixes to errors found in The Work that are the responsibility of The Supplier but does not include the addition of new features.

The Supplier reserves the right to remove all or part of The Work from the Internet in the event of a dispute over billing or late payment.


The Client agrees to notify the Supplier of any problems or concerns at the earliest opportunity.

The Client agrees to try to resolve problems informally in the first instance.

If no immediate resolution can be reached, the Client agrees to put their concerns in writing and send by Recorded Delivery to the address on the Contact page.

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