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Privacy Policy

The following constitutes this site's Privacy Policy:

As a New Customer

Whenever a new customer contacts me for the first time with a view to securing my services, I reserve the right to investigate the customer online. This may include, but is not limited to, checking things like:

Any findings are used to make a more informed decision on what to offer.

While Working Together

While undertaking work for you, it may be necessary for me to disclose some information about you or your organisation to a third party, either online or in person, in order to secure goods or services.  In general these are trusted suppliers with whom I have an existing relationship, but the customer will be informed of any deviation from this as the need arises.

Account Passwords

From time to time it may be quicker and easier to supply usernames and passwords for an online account. These details will only be used for the purpose of completing any work undertaken by me for you, and will not be passed on to any third party.

You are advised to set a temporary password on the account which you can allow me to use, and to change the password again upon completion of the work.

Upon Completion

After the work is complete, unless explicitly requested by the customer, I reserve the right to add details of the work to the online portfolio at http://www.dickdolby.co.uk/portfolio with a view to promoting both.

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